What your tongue says about your health


The tongue, in addition to its role in the digestive function, is a body that can tell us how healthy or not is our body. Its shape, texture and color pattern may give some deficiency or imbalance organically. What tongue reveals about the state of health?

Tongue tells us about health:

The tongue can indicate your state of health, by alterations in its surface, numerous pictures of diseases and deficiencies. Let’s look at some examples:

  1. A lack of vitamins can show ulcers on the tongue.
  2. Symptoms of cyanosis, dehydration and liver failure can be detected by the discoloration of the tongue.
  3. Symptoms of measles usually appear on the inside of the mouth and tongue and occasionally on rest of the body later.
  4. In traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy, stains and swellings which when appear on tongue is corresponded to ailments of the digestive system.

Features of the tongue that gives us health information:

1. Color of the tongue:

  1. The color of a healthy tongue is pink.
  2. A dark red color tongue indicates inflammation in the body and is sometimes a cancer alert.
  3. A tongue is discolored or brownish because of the excessive consumption of tobacco.
  4. A deep-pink tongue can indicate scarlet fever.
  5. A pale tongue indicates lack of nutrients and a low number of hemoglobin in blood.
  6. A white film on the tongue may indicate the presence of fungi (candidiasis), as well as an excessive secretion of bile in the liver.
  7. A yellowish tone in the tongue indicates cholecystitis, and a whitish layer on the sides and front of the tongue will indicate a disease in the lungs.

2. Surface and texture of the tongue:

  1. The tongue should be light pink and moist. A lack of texture indicates a deficiency of iron or pernicious anemia.
  2. The presence of spots on the tongue alert about a person prone to allergies.
  3. Pimples on the tongue speaks of excessive consumption of protein, fat or sugar.
  4. The dry tongue is a sign of stress, which generates a poor salivation. It also indicates the presence of mucus in the body.
  5. Inflammation of the tongue speaks of chronic gastritis, acidity, colitis or constipation.
  6. The dry tongue and cuts indicates diarrhea, diabetes or anemia.
  7. If taste buds on the tongue appear flat instead of its usual texture, this indicates a level of bowel disorder.

Tongue is an important indicator of our state of health. Take care of the hygiene of your tongue and learn to read the signs and signals. Was this information helpful to you? Have you encountered any of these signs?

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