Toddler Constipation: Causes, Relief, and More

Toddler Constipation

Constipation is common gastrointestinal symptoms in toddler with long, sounds like nothing, but often parents helpless, I do not know what to do.

Constipation is refers to feces in the gut to stay longer, become dry and hard, cause defecation difficulties and reduced number of bowel movements.

Sometimes dry and hard stool can also cause bleeding abrasions mucosa. Why, then, the child will suffer from constipation? Actually, the causes of constipation are varied, as parents should learn to analyze.

Causes of Toddler Constipation:

The causes of constipation are the following:

Inappropriate Diet: 

That proportion of various food ingredients is not appropriate, for example, higher protein content in foods and less carbohydrate content, weak the fermentation of food in the intestines, stool is alkaline, drying, resulting in constipation.

Artificial Feeding:

Constipation in toddlers associated with artificial feeding, because casein and calcium contained in milk and milk powder more than human milk, the stool easy to form insoluble calcium soaps, causing constipation.

Therefore, when parents who have children with constipation, not to worry, first of all, should be carefully analyzed to see if there is more than reason, and try to correct, there may be unexpected results.

Resolving Toddler Constipation:

Baby has more than four days without bowel movement even constipation. try one of the following methods: massage hands down, flat on the baby’s umbilical, gently rub clockwise. This not only speeds up the baby of intestinal peristalsis in turn facilitate defecation, and helps digestion.

There are some methods to get relief from Toddler Constipation:

Balanced Meal:

Baby food must be balanced, not a partial eclipse, cereals and a variety of fruit and vegetable intake should be balanced, baby can eat some fruit purees, mashed vegetables, or drink fruit and vegetable juices to increase intestinal cellulose, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, open defecation. Drink boiled water.

Regular Bowel: 

Training baby to develop regular bowel habits. In General, when baby is about 3 months, parents can help him develop regular bowel habits.

From 3 months to start each morning after feeding, parents can help your baby regular bidet, pay attention to the comfort of the indoor temperature as well as potty, so the baby on the bidet is not boredom or discomfort.

Ensure Activity Levels:

Do not exercise enough sometimes easily lead to poor bowel. Therefore, to ensure that your baby has a certain amount of activity on a daily basis. Abdominal massage for baby also can’t walk, crawl, parents have to hug him, or appropriate rubbed his little belly, instead put the baby alone in the cradle for a long time.

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