What to eat when you have the stomach flu

stomach flu

What can you eat and drink with stomach flu?

Stomach flu is a common condition. It is estimated that every year about 20% of humanity develop this disease. Symptoms of stomach flu include diarrhea, vomiting, fever and abdominal pain. It is caused by a virus, bacterium or parasite.

The culprit is usually a viral infection that is transmitted through contaminated food, especially by people who are themselves infected and on an unhygienic way dealing with the food that they prepare. The virus can also be transmitted from one person to another.

The medical name of stomach flu is gastroenteritis. In babies, the elderly and people with weakened immune system require special attention for stomach flu. A major risk is dehydration. It is crucial for the patient to keep a close eye on water balance, especially in case of children.

Drink a lot: what can you drink with stomach flu?

Hydration is important to avoid dehydration. The most persistent and dangerous symptom of a stomach flu is the loss of fluid due to vomiting and/or diarrhea. Here are some tips you can do it:

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, or something sour (like orange juice) or base (such as milk and dairy products). These drinks stimulate the colon. Moreover, alcohol aggravates the dehydration.

Drink as much water as possible, divided into small portions. This includes water, weak tea and clear broth or clear soup (chicken soup) are very suitable as beverages at stomach flu. Soothing liquids are tea made from raspberry leaf, ginger or cinnamon.

• Sometimes it helps ‘ ginger ale ‘ against emerging nausea. Ginger may also help if you are nauseous. Ginger neutralizes your stomach. Cut a piece of ginger root, cut and peel off and gently chew.

Use ORS (Oral Rehydration Salt), a solution of salts and (grape) sugar in water. It is used in diarrhea (which can occur with stomach flu) to the loss of water, sugars and salts. It can be bought at Pharmacy and drug store.

Stomach flu and cola: many people will find this a strange combination. However cola useful if you have stomach flu. ‘Flat’ coke-cola that is where virtually no carbon dioxide is present-can help to its mineral content and glucose supplement in your body. If you have stomach flu, you lose through diarrhea and/or vomiting a lot of fluid, with the result that the mineral content and glucose in your body decreases. By drinking cola can add to this. Do so in moderation.

Avoid high fiber foods and fatty foods

Fiber-rich products are normally very good for health and good bowel function. High fiber food stimulates the bowel to move and shortens the intestinal transit time. Thus you can avoid high-fiber products in case of diarrhea. High fiber foods include:

• Whole grain starches such as brown bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, etc.
• Fruits and vegetables (especially raw).
• Legumes, such as lentils, beans or peas.

Avoid also food which is very fat. Baked fat irritate the digestive tract.

What can you eat with stomach flu?

Start with refined starch products, which is white rice or white bread. These products have a light constipating effect, which means that they slow down somewhat the bowel movement.

Cooked vegetables is also a good choice for gastroenteritis. Carrot puree and applesauce are effective against diarrhea.

Lean meats, such as Turkey, chicken and veal, and fish you may also feel free to take it.

If you’re recovering again, yogurt help to restore the intestinal flora, due to its regulatory effect on the microbiological balance of the intestinal flora. Take easy to chew and swallowing products such as porridge, soup, custard, cooked vegetables, soft meat (filet), etc. Use skimmed products and products with a mild taste. Gradually increase your meals and choose especially products that easily go.

It’s not very one-sided to eat for a few days, but you have to eventually get back to a healthy and varied daily menu. That is the best way to get back all the way to gain strength.

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