What is the Raw Food Diet

What is the Raw Food Diet

Raw food is becoming popular. Are you ready to make a diet that proposes not to cook the food and eat them”raw”? Of course, these are vegetables and is the raw food diet. Good for losing weight and great for your whole body.

It is not strange that vegetarian diets and vegan are increasingly becoming popular in the world. Beyond the ethical question that some pose, there is the matter of health.

They are truly magnificent, rich in nutrients of all kinds and will detoxify your body and fill it with nutrients.

Within this context, one of the most highly publicized lately is the diet of raw food, or smooth and simply a complete raw vegetable.

Yes as heard, without any kind of cooking, as it comes from nature. Raw Food in its purest form. Want to know more about it? Just read this article.

These are some of the principles of the raw food and the raw-food diet:

  1. Never pass the food to a temperature of 43 degrees Celsius, as it is in this instance which can better preserve their nutrients.
  2. Everything is eaten raw, uncooked. Techniques such as dehydration or germination of cereals and pulses, are used to achieve its activation. The smoothies, juices squeezed or extracted with a specific device, the marinated or the preparation of vegetable milks that will fit well within this diet plan.
  3. All the ingredients that are used are of plant origin.

Benefits of Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss:

It is rich in nutrients and minerals. Generally low in fat and low in calories. Also, being a plant, has many seeds, fibers and other elements that help for proper digestion. In addition, the food is digested in a much simpler manner by the body.

Other Tips:

  1. It is advisable to supplement the raw food with some supplements such as wheat germ or Brewer’s yeast. So, with this you can get maximum benefits of vitamin B.
  2. While the dried fruits, oils and foods such as avocado have a place quite high profile within the raw food diet, it is also true that we do not agree to abuse them, since they are very high in calories. But they are also necessary and you must include them on a daily basis, at least small portions.

Some completely Simple Raw Recipes:

  • Almond Milk
  • Sunflower cheese
  • Raw green soup
  • Gazpacho

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