High Protein diet for children, is it healthy?

Protein diet for children

The high protein diet for overweight children

Unfortunately the childhood overweight and obesity continue to increase. This is a very complicated situation, in that it puts at risk the health of these children into adulthood. For this reason, sometimes desperate solutions are being sought for children to lose weight, such as the high protein diets; but are these really healthy for them?

The high protein diets can help you lose weight quickly, but can also put at risk the health of both adults and children. For this reason, I think it is important that, you should know if really the high protein diets are healthy during childhood.

One of the major adverse effects that high protein diets have on adults is, its effect on the kidney. Unfortunately the children performing a hyperproteic diet with the desire to control the overweight, may also suffer kidney damage.

The kidneys are important organs with many functions in the body, which is responsible for purifying the blood and eliminating toxins from the body. When this organ has a protein overload, begins to malfunction and produce a series of harmful consequences such as:

  • Acid-base imbalance.
  • Increased urine protein removal.
  • Increased chances of developing kidney stones, which is reflected in a hypercalciuria, hypocitraturia and an acid urine pH.

If these effects are maintained over time, you can produce a chronic renal failure and different degrees of renal impairment.

All these organic processes not only occur in adults who conducts a high protein diet, but also in children. Even under normal conditions, the children are already exposed to a high consumption of proteins. In accordance with certain statistical data of a medical study, the 9.0% of children between 1 to 3 years of age consumed more than double the recommendations of proteins for that age range. This situation increases, the chances of developing obesity in the future.


As a conclusion it is possible to say that, a hyperproteic diet in childhood is not healthy for different reasons. On the one hand, it can cause a excess weight in future in children with normal weight and on the other hand, once you have developed the obesity this diet does not help to lose weight, not only for being an unbalanced diet, but by the kidney damage that could cause.

If you have a small child make sure you have a balanced diet, and if your child is overweight, you should consult a doctor for the proper design of diet appropriate to their age, in which includes all of the nutrients that is needed for a kids life at this stage.

It is important to look after the health of children, as this will depend and decide their health when they are older.

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