How to Prevent Hair Fall

hair fall

1. Oxygen Supply:

For you to have always beautiful hair and full of life, we’ll show how to prevent hair loss, as hair falls due to oxygen supply to the hair roots may be seriously impaired by anemia.

This impairment is due to different factors, but regardless of the factor of this problem here you will learn how to prevent hair loss.

2. Hair Massage:

To prevent hair loss it is important that you make some hair massage with some essential oil, because the scalp massage is important to improve the circulation in the scalp, in such a way that, it will keep the follicles activated.

Make gentle massage daily into the scalp. We recommend you to use scalp massage oils like lavender or almond oil.

3. Healthy and Balanced Diet:

To prevent the fall of the hair is also essential to bring a healthy and balanced diet, the foods that should not be missing in your daily diet are fruits and vegetables as well as other foods rich in proteins to the hair as Brewer’s yeast.

Vegetables and fruits give your hair all the ingredients needed to make the hair look very bright, remember that good nutrition is reflected in the health of the hair.

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