Diet / Nutritional recommendations for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

Motor and psychic disturbances that occur in Parkinson’s disease patients (abnormal salivation, difficulty swallowing, nausea, constipation) cause feeding difficulties, such as loss of appetite.

Therefore it is important that from the beginning of the disease eating guidelines are adopted, proper dietary and nutritional guidelines help prevent weight loss, facilitate the handling of food by the patient, improve gastrointestinal function and ensure no interference between food and treatment (levodopa should be taken one hour before food intake).


• Respect the patient’s food preferences.
• Prepare foods with a semi-soft consistency and porridge or cream, smooth or chunky, to facilitate handling with a single cover.
• Prepare menus of high nutritional value and energy, not in large quantities.
• Increase the intake of proteins of high nutritional value (vegetables, meat, fish and eggs) especially in patients treated with levodopa, incorporating them in the dinner so that they do not interfere.
• In patients treated with levodopa is reduced during the day intake of meat, fish, dairy, eggs, legumes and their products, beans and peas, and nuts and cocoa to be incorporated at dinner.
• Must control the amount of fat from the food as it slows digestion and can decrease the absorption of drugs.
• Avoid constipation using fiber foods (fruits, whole grains, vegetables …) and maintain good hydration.
• Assess the need for nutritional supplements for thickening and gelling drinks if the difficulties of the intake or weight loss it advisable.
• Avoid alcohol.

Menu type


Fruit juice, biscuits or toast with jam, fruit.


Infusion, fruit and yogurt.


Mashed or creamed vegetables, meal, gazpacho, salads dressed with olive oil.

Vegetable stuffed with rice, pasta.

Bread and fruit


Bread and fruit.


Meat, fish or eggs.

Vegetables, beans, peas in cream or mashed, seasoned with olive oil.

Fruit and dairy dessert.

Before bed:

Milk, milk, bread with cheese, ham or similar.

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