Natural Diuretic foods

Diuretic foods

Whether you want to lose weight naturally and keep your body healthy, then it is good to consider some natural diuretics that help you to get it. These are substances that help to combat fluid retention and go flat effectively.

Types of natural diuretics

Food diuretics

1. Asparagus

The asparagus has many health benefits. Specifically for fluid retention, contains a natural alkaloid called asparagine, which contributes to improve kidney function.

2. Brussels Sprouts

The Brussels sprouts are very good for removing liquid, since they are very rich in potassium, which contributes to the purification of the body, among other benefits they bring.

3. Tomatoes

The tomatoes have many benefits. Not only are rich in vitamin C, but that also have an almost 90% of water in their composition, which promotes the functioning of the kidneys, and is therefore believed that tomatoes help to combat fluid retention.

4. Lettuce

The lettuces are good natural diuretics, but they also bring many minerals such as manganese and potassium, which helps the body remove retained liquids and purify the body without losing the valuable minerals that other diuretics could affect.

5. Blueberries

Blueberries has diuretic effect with high levels of potassium, but are also very good for avoiding problems in the urethra and urinary tract infections. Of course, there are more reasons to eat blueberries, all very good for the health.

Herbal Diuretics

There are several herbs used as natural diuretics. For a start, one of the more obvious options, recommended and easy to get is the green tea. It is used as diuretic from a few millennia ago in China, people who does not usually make mistakes in matters of natural medicine.

Among the herbs that are used to remove liquids, we must also consider the dandelion. We have already seen that it can be used as an ingredient for the treatment of stretch marks but it is also a very effective way of eliminating fluids quickly.

Other herbal diuretics are effective as the fennel, which can be prepared in an infusion, or the grass called horsetail.

All these natural diuretics that we have seen are very beneficial to the body. They help eliminate toxins and balance the sodium levels in the body. These are natural forms of eliminating fluids, and its function to counteract the retention of fluids helps the health of persons with high blood pressure problems, among other benefits.

Anyway, you have to control the consumption of diuretics to prevent mineral imbalances in the body and typical problems of dehydration.

Also, with these diuretics you can now to say goodbye to the retention of liquids!

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