Top 14 Health benefits of Moringa


Moringa is a plant which can be grown easily without much risk. Since it’s ancient times they have been used as a source of many medicines for diseases, the parts used are leaves, flowers and pods. The plant is also called drumstick, the moringa can grow as a tree.

Properties and Health Benefits Of Moringa (Drumstick)

1. TO come out of mental depression and joint pains, consume moringa regularly.

2. To provide many vitamins and improve the health of pregnant women and breast feeding mothers, give them Soup made of moringa leaves.

3. To treat patients suffering from partial headache, introduce a few drops of the juice of moringa leaves into the ear on the opposite side of the region, where they have the headache for 2 days.

4. To bring down swelling give fomentation with roasted leaves of moringa on the affected region.

5. To help improve the sexual powers of men, boil the flowers of moringa plant in milk and add honey and give it to them to drink.

6. To help purify blood and improve the health of children, mix the juice of moringa leaves with milk and sugar and give it to them to drink.

7. To improve the digestive power, consume moringa regularly. Moringa is a good food against any disease.

8. It is used in night blindness, take a cup of leaves and grind it for juice and give it to children everyday. It controls night blindness and improves immunity.

9. To get rid of anemia, take 150gm of tender leaves, 100gm of moringa flower and boil it in water and add a very little salt while consuming, it cures anemia.

10. Take the dried root of the moringa and grind it for powder and then heat with Til-oil, it can be used for skin disease.

11. Make a moringa leaf juice and give it mild heat and mix it with milk and sugar, it helps in the growth of children and also increases immunity of children.

12. Since it’s seeds, leaves, flowers and fruit are a good diuretics, can be used in the treatment of renal disorders.

13. For the remedy of ulcer, one can take the paste of moringa leaves mixed with curd.

14. It is also used in cardiac and splenetic problems.

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