Miso Soup health benefits

Miso Soup

Good nutrition is also essential to maintain a strong immune system. This time I want to propose a tasty and easy recipe appropriate for it. This is a miso soup, a food of ancient origin, from Chinese and Japanese cultures, with great benefits to our health.

Health benefits of miso soup

• It provides beneficial bacteria to the intestines to help us digest and assimilate food.

• Contains important nutrients in abundance such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium.

• Other minerals such as sulfur and copper are found in lesser but significant amounts.

• It is an excellent source of protein.

• It is alkalizing the blood and invigorating the nervous system.

• Taking miso usually acquired resistance to disease.

• For cardiovascular diseases since it contains linoleic acid and soya lecithin dissolve cholesterol in the blood and prevent the hardening of the blood vessels.

• Thanks to its isoflavones, favouring women’s hormonal balance, the miso is very suitable in menopause helping to combat common symptoms such as suffocation and loss of calcium (Osteoporosis). In fact Asian women who consume soy in its different presentations have little symptoms during menopause.

Where and how to find the miso

It is a textured pate food we can buy in health food stores. The pure miso find it in different formats: glass jar or plastic packages and also in comfortable envelopes, where the mixture of the soup is now ready, just boil it in water, it is very practical.

3 types of miso most commonly used are:

• Soji, salt and water.
• Soy, rice, salt and water.
• Soybeans, barley, salt and water.

The two latter are the most desirable because they contain essential amino acids that the soy protein itself lacks.

Preparation of the soup:

Ingredients: ( for 4 people)

• 2 onions
• 4 carrots
• ¼ cabbage
• miso

Chop the 3 vegetables in the form of thin sticks. First sauté the onion 2 minutes and the carrot later. Add hot water in abundance and boil 15 minutes on a slow fire. When they have passed add the cabbage and continue to boil 8 minutes more.

In the meantime, dilute a tablespoon of miso in a bowl of warm water of own soup that is being cooked. Turn off the fire and when the water stops boiling, pour the contents of the bowl to stir. If we let miso boil the bacteria die and the miso will lose their properties!

* No need of salt in this recipe because the miso soup is tasty enough.

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