500 Calorie a Day Diet Meal Plan

500 Calorie Diet

500 Calorie Diet ways:

Cutting down on calories is one of the most prevalent methods to reduce weight. People are really concerned about their weights now-a-days and consequently they are ready to go to any extent to reduce that extra flab from their body. This has resulted in deluging the markets with large number of diet plans such as 500 calorie diet plan, 1200 calorie, 1400, 1500 and 2000 calorie diet plans and so on.

But following any one of them is no solution to your problem as long as you consult a dietician in this matter. One should initiate a diet plan only after an expert’s consultation and sorting out one’s priorities. For beginners, 500 calorie diet plan is best as it necessitates minimum calorie restriction.

Each meal in this diet plan is having minimum calorie count. Following 500 calorie diet constantly will help in weight reduction in few months without disturbing the metabolism of the body.

Sample of 500 calorie diet:

A 500 calorie diet menu should include all the essential nutrients in balanced amounts so as to meet our body’s nutritional requirements. The 500 calorie diet menu should include:


• 1 cup of whole grain cereals
• 8 Oz of skimmed milk
• Toasted bread with butter or jam


• 1 cup of green salad and grapes
• ½ cup yoghurt
• 8 Oz of orange juice


• 1 and ½ cup of green salad in combination with light vinaigrette dressing
• Steamed or boiled vegetables
• One glass peach juice
• 2 cups of chicken

This is the recommended 500 calorie diet plan for weight loss seekers. Another type of diet plan which is beneficial for healthy weight loss is HCG 500 calorie diet plan. It is followed by most of the people in consultation with an expert. The HCG 500 calorie diet plan entails:

Sample of HCG(Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) 500 calorie diet:


• Beverages such as tea or coffee
• Lemon juice
• Skimmed milk


• One cup steamed Asparagus
• Grilled tilapia


Apple and a toast
• Strawberry
• Bread sticks


• Steamed Spinach
• Grilled steak

This is the HCG 500 calorie diet plan and it is prepared keeping in mind the varied nutritional needs of people. These diet plans are most apt for people seeking reduction in calories for gaining an ideal weight or for some other health reasons.

A calorie reduction diet plan will help you in feeling healthy, flexible, energetic and agile throughout the day. These diet plans do not restrict a person from taking snacks in between the meals if they feel hungry.

500 calories regime:

A 500 calorie diet menu includes fresh and raw vegetables and fruits offering minimum amount of calories. 500 calories a day are extremely less and it may affect your health if commenced without any expert guidance. Though variety of foods can be included as 500 calorie meals, their quantity should be very negligible.

The meals under 500 calories diet are discussed in brief as follows:

Breakfast should include – Skimmed milk, green tea or chamomile which are decaffeinated. Add saccharin to tea and can include fruits such as grapes, apple, oranges, sweet lime and water melons.

Lunch should comprise of – Green vegetable soup and vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins such as cabbage, peas, broccoli, spinach and chickpeas should be included in lunch. Besides this, boiled chicken and fish can be consumed, but that too without oil or salt.

Dinner should include – Same menu as that of lunch except that some changes in the vegetables can be done. Baked vegetables should be included in dinner along with certain sea foods like salmon, tuna, mackerel or sardines. These types of foods will satisfy your hunger and would evade any kind of cravings.

Benefits of a 500 calorie diet plan:

A 500 calorie diet plan proves beneficial in a number of ways and these have been discussed as follows:

• Losing weight and purifying the vital organs of the body.
• It adds loads of fresh fruits and vegetables to our diet and minimizes the intake of oily and fried food stuff.
• It can be started at any point in life as it necessitates minimum calorie restriction.
• One point to note is that it should not be initiated or terminated abruptly as it may prove harmful for your body.
• If you are planning to follow a diet plan, it is better that you start with a 1000 calorie diet plan followed by 500 and so on in order to gain maximum benefits.

Along with the benefits of 500 calorie diet plan there are a variety of limitations as well. So, it is recommended to consider both pros as well as cons before making up your mind to follow this diet plan.

500 calories per day:

These days 500 calorie diet plan is pretty famous among the weight watchers as they seek to loose weight without much efforts and particularly within a short period of time. This diet plan has its pros and cons just like other diet plans. Therefore, consulting a doctor or a dietician becomes important to save yourself from the risks involved in a particular diet plan.

Since 500 calories a day cuts down the calories intake drastically, it is necessary to consult a dietician before initiating this diet plan. This diet plan should be commenced only if it can promote healthy weight loss without affecting the overall well being of a person.

Usually the calorie requirements of persons vary and these diet plans if followed, devoid of any guidance, can lead to major nutritional deficiencies in the body.

Consequently, they cause irrevocable damage to the body. Other factors which decide whether 500 calorie diet plan should be followed or not include age, gender, size and shape of body, level of physical activity carried out in a day and the general health condition of a person.

All these factors are considered by the dietician before giving a green signal to any diet plan. However, if the health expert feels that you can manage this diet plan, then you can commence it and stick to it unless you see the desired results.


Initiating a diet plan and sticking to it is mandatory to gain the preferred outcome. All the diet plans have their benefits and limitations and therefore, seeking an expert advice is essential so as to undertake the plan suiting your needs. The 500 calorie diet assures quick results within a time period of just two months, but it should be initiated under expert guidance only.

Otherwise it may aggravate your health problems instead of solving it. There is nothing wrong to desire for a healthy and beautiful body and one can definitely achieve it by following a specific diet plan and carrying out moderate exercise.

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