Diet for people with Liver Disease problem

Diet for people with Liver Disease problem

Does everyone know what is diffuse liver disease? How to diet for people with liver disease? we get to know about it!

What is diffuse liver disease?

Viral hepatitis, fatty liver and hepatic fibrosis are diffuse liver lesions, because these lesions of distribution is relatively uniform throughout the liver. “Diffuse liver disease” did not prompt the severity of patients ‘ illnesses.

As long as liver diseases as a whole has basically the same changes is displayed is “diffuse liver diseases”, and even some older middle and old aged people, the liver are slightly rougher, when making the ultrasound reflections will be stronger, the ultrasound also shows a “diffuse liver disease,” many “patients with diffuse liver disease” liver function is actually normal, without treatment.

Therefore, the patient should not be scared by “diffuse liver disease” that the ultrasound demonstrates, serious liver disease depends on many indicators, including liver function and clinical to determine.

Liver disease patient’s diet treatment:

Red date peanut soup:

Take red dates, peanut and brown sugar 50 grams, water simmering, 1 time a day, and continued for 30 days. You can reduce serum levels of alanine aminotransferase, suitable for acute and chronic hepatitis.

Peach kernel gruel peach kernel 15 grams, after the blisters to develop juice residue with 50 grams of rice, some brown sugar altogether makes the thin rice gruel right amount, take daily serving l~2 times.

This has effect of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and relaxing bowels, for early acute hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and blood stasis syndrome.

Poria porridge:

Take red dates 20, add water to the core, with a slow fire boiled soup into rice gruel, then add Poria powder 30 grams, boil Serve.

Garlic fish soup:

Take blackfish 250 grams to intestinal mixed wash, 100 grams of peeled garlic, add water, wok steamed Serve, salt-free feeding, can be used for the adjuvant treatment of ascites due to cirrhosis, chronic nephritis edema.

Garlic red bean soup:

30 grams of garlic, red bean 60 grams. Peeled garlic. With red bean after total cooking take daily 1. Spleen dampness, suitable for ascites due to cirrhosis.

Rose porridge:

Roses 3 g, red date 5, 50 grams of rice. Red date to go nuclear, cooked with rice porridge, cooked until transferred roses, cook for 12 boiling and serve twice daily. This before nourishing qi, liver qi stagnation, suitable for flank pain, every drama due to changes in emotions and pain, loss of appetite, chest tightness, belching, etc..

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