10 Foods rich in Zinc

10 Foods rich in Zinc

10 foods rich in zinc

Do you know what is the zinc, what it brings to our body and where can you find it? In this article we will answer all these questions, then we’ll see a list of 10 foods rich in zinc, so you will come to know how you can consume it. But of course, we must first present.

What does zinc bring?

Zinc is a mineral that plays an essential role in our immune system, i.e. one that strengthens our defences and protects us from infections. It also works as neurotransmitter responsible for the communication between the cells of the body synthesizes proteins and carbohydrates, is essential for the functioning of enzymes and DNA, and keeps our sense of smell, among other health benefits.

When we do not consume enough zinc, we can suffer weakening of the immune system, loss of appetite and hair, injury to the skin and eyes, diarrhea and growth retardation. But, if we consume too much, alters the process of absorption of iron and zinc, which can lead to an increase in the amount of radical free toxic in the body.

The recommended daily dose of zinc is 15 milligrams.

Foods rich zinc

Chocolate and cocoa powder

What good news for those who love chocolate! A chocolate bar of 100 grams – no sugar added, clear – contains approximately 10 mg of zinc, which is equivalent to 65% of the recommended daily intake of this mineral. Meanwhile 100 grams of cocoa powder it has nearly 40% of the required daily dose of zinc for the organism.

Dried watermelon seeds

Did you know that it is the food rich in zinc more popular in East Asia and in the Middle East? These seeds assure us of an important intake of zinc, because 100 grams we found nearly 70% of the recommended daily intake of this mineral. They can be eaten raw, without peel or whole.


Lamb meat is very tender and delicious, and we should add another adjective: is also nutritious. 100 grams of this food contains up to 58% of the intake of zinc we need per day.

Beef low-fat

Another meat that gives us zinc is beef, although we must consume it in their lean cuts, low in fat and cholesterol. What is your contribution of zinc? 100 Grams recommended daily dose is present up to 70% in beef.


Oysters are famous for their aphrodisiac power, and also because of their high zinc content. In fact, it is one of the richest foods in this mineral. A portion of 100 grams of oysters contains from 100 up to 1000%! It depends on the type of oysters – of the amount of zinc daily recommended to the body.


Among dried fruits, peanut stands as one of the foods rich in zinc. In a portion of 100 grams of dry roasted peanuts we found 22% of the daily amount required of this mineral. The peanut butter is a healthy food, always and when you consume with moderation because it can give you many calories. And consume natural, unsalted!

Pumpkin and their seeds

Do you like the pumpkin roasted as a complement to your meals? If so, consuming a portion of 100 grams gives you about 70% of the amount of zinc daily recommended to the body.

Butter and sesame seed flour

The sesame butter, Sesame flour, and in general all products of Sesame are excellent providers of zinc. We are talking about the fact that it provides up to 70% of the recommended daily dose of this mineral.

Calf liver

While the liver is in itself a food full of vitamins and minerals, calf liver promptly is the most rich in zinc, because it contains more than 80% of the amount of this mineral recommended daily. Consume it with fried onions or herbs!

Wheat germ

Last but not least rich in zinc, we tell you that wheat germ is another large supplier of this mineral. In fact, in 100 grams of toasted wheat germ we have more than 100% of the amount of zinc necessary in one day.

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