Grapefruit juice and carrot Fat Burning

Grapefruit juice and carrot Fat Burning

Fat burning grapefruit juice and carrot with diuretic and depurative

The juices are perfect for weight loss, since they help to burn fat in a totally natural way, only by the positive action of its ingredients, loaded with properties.

Well you can try to debug your body and burn fat through this recipe, mixing grapefruitcarrot and beetroot (beets). Do you dare to try? Simply follow the recipe and enjoy it in your home.


  • Four grapefruits
  • Four carrots large
  • Four beets
  • Permitted sweetener to taste (stevia, etc.)


To prepare this recipe you have a juicer.

To do this, extract juice to each of the ingredients.

Grapefruit you can squeeze them directly and then mix the juice with the rest of the ingredients.

If you didn’t exhaust, you can prepare a smoothie, even reducing the amount of checked items.

Once you have this juice ready, you will not only sweeten (if you want) and consume on an empty stomach in the morning.

So, you will enjoy the cleansing properties that have beets, countless carrot provides nutrients and fat burning effects of grapefruit, always well-disposed to activate liver metabolism and cleanse the liver. ‘re looking to lose weight or no, do not stop taking this juice, and it’s great level of benefits.

It will be good too for those with liver problems, constipation and for those who want to enjoy the vitamins and minerals that have this preparation.

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