Ginger Spinach effective Face-Lift recipe

Ginger Spinach

Face little MM look cute, so is there any way to quickly lean down big face? Here to introduce you to an effective recipes to face-lift, helps you quickly build a lean face, hurry to try it!


400 grams of spinach

40 grams of ginger

Sesame oil

1 tablespoon (15ml) soy sauce

1 tablespoon (15ml) vinegar

1.5 tablespoons (20 ml)

Chicken little

salt to taste.


  1. Ginger wiping with a tool, place the ginger in the refrigerator freezer in advance and then wiping becomes easier.
  2. Spinach to roots and washing it cleanly, cut into about 5 centimeters long, put a little salt and oil in the boiling water, place the spinach in boiling water.
  3. After burning for a while, put spinach pull out into the ice water and soak for a moment, remove drain.
  4. Hand held moisture from the spinach slightly, into a large bowl.
  5. The spinach mix with mud and spices such as ginger, mix well with a dwarf Cup marinated spinach, press and then quickly upside down over, adorned with ginger and peppers, as well as the amount of Sesame.


Face-lift and recipes can help clean up the intestines, flushing out excess waste in the body, after edema elimination faces would become leaner!

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