Winter Dry Skin: 6 Foods that Moisturize your Skin

dry skin

Winter fall skin dryness, winter beauty, nourishing moisturizing is the key. Natural skin supple, that is the real beauty, What about the beauty of winter?

6 Foods that Moisturize your Skin

1. Winter-Picked Mshroom:

Winter Mushrooms includes the glutamic acid and contains 18 kinds of amino acids, In human body it has total of 9 essential amino acids, mushrooms containing seven kinds and it also contains more than 30 kinds of enzymes and glucose, vitamin a, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, Nicotinic Acid, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and other ingredients.

Modern medical studies suggest that mushrooms contain polysaccharide material, can improve the body’s immune and detoxification ability, inhibiting cancer cell growth, enhancing the body’s anticancer abilities.

In addition, the mushrooms can also lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, the strong heart and liver to refresh and promote metabolism and enhance the excretion of wastes in the body, is the best mushroom Detox the body.

2. Kelp:

Rich in iron, can prevent iron-deficiency anemia, ruddy complexion and making the person’s skin color beautiful, and to combat iron deficiency baldness; rich in iodine, combat “thick necks”, can promote metabolism, tissue updates faster, people also looked young and mentally stimulating.

3. Edible Tree Fungus:

The fungus are rich in carbohydrate, gum, cellulose, glucose, xylose, brain phospholipids, lecithin, beta-carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin c, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients, known as “vegetarian meat”.

Fungus contained in a plant gum, strong adsorption, dust impurities remain in the human digestive system can be eliminated from the body, thus plays the role of detoxification.

4. Sweet Potatoes:

Contains a substance similar to estrogen and vitamin e, eat to maintain the skin delicate, anti-aging efficiency; also contains large amounts of mucin, promotion of health, prevention of fatigue, make people happy in life.

Sweet potatoes also contain large amounts of cellulose, can inhibit the transformation of sugars into fat, is an ideal diet.

5. Asparagus:

Asparagus contains a variety of nutrients, serum aspartate and contained potassium has a diuretic effect, remove excess water in the body, enabling detoxification.

6. Livestock and Poultry Liver:

Rich in vitamin a, with lubrication, strong skin, preventing rough skin, scale-shaped, or suffering from dry eye, corneal ulceration, angular stomatitis, etc.

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