Diet for Patients with Chronic Nephritis

chronic nephritis

What are the diet considerations for patients with chronic nephritis? everybody get to know about it!

Chronic nephritis patients how to “eat” good! part of patients with chronic nephritis on “diet” also do not quite understand, often as a result of their aggravation or recurrence.

Diet does not typically cause aggravation or recurrence of disease in patients, and rational diet promotes rehabilitation of TSE: transmitting, effect of adjuvant therapy. Therefore, chronic nephritis patients should learn how to “eat”.

What to eat?

1. Protein and phosphorus diet:

Chronic nephritis patients can not ignore on eating habits, should adopt a low-protein, low-phosphorus diet. Chronic nephritis patients should limit intake of protein every day, otherwise it’s impact on how much intake influence disease development and rehabilitation.

For chronic nephritis disease patients, in the early or acute phase, there is a certain degree of oliguria, edema symptoms or appetite, and the protein intake should be appropriate to control, but not too restrictive, especially in the patient’s weight loss, or else you may have an impact on the body’s immunity, to the detriment of the diseases of rehabilitation.

2. Carbohydrates:

Patients should ensure adequate carbohydrates, in patients with chronic nephritis due to limit protein intake, heat is supplied primarily by carbohydrates, dietary carbohydrate should increase to meet the needs of the body heat.

3. Calories:

In addition, patients with chronic nephritis must pay attention to daily calorific requirements. Patients with chronic nephritis with sufficient daily intake of calories may reduce consumption of protein, which reduces the burden on the kidneys, and may cause to absorb the few proteins of person entirely to be used in the repair and growth and development of body.

4. Sodium:

The patients should limit the sodium salt, to being in the chronic nephritis patient of stabilization period, when dropsy and so on general symptom of chronic nephritis is not obvious, no need to limit salt intake, as long as you don’t eat salty food. When severe edema and congestive heart failure in patients with hypertensive encephalopathy, it is necessary to strictly limit salt intake.

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