What foods should Diabetics avoid



“Diabetes” is too many easy accumulation of glucose in a blood disease. Externally it is called “the silent killer”, in particular the “adult diabetes”. Middle-aged people, infected with particularly high rates of over 40 years old, in Japan, 10% population above the age of 40, is among the ten people to have a “diabetic” patients. As soon as the risk of “Diabetes”, will reduce the life of more than ten years, complications can occur throughout the body.

There is no perfect cure for diabetes mellitus, can only rely on medical suppression and diet, in order to effectively maintain the status quo, will not deteriorate.

Foods that diabetic should avoid

Diabetics should not eat salt

People with diabetes and others, to avoid too much salt, too much salt will speed up the cardiovascular disease (approximately 70% per cent of people with diabetes die of causes), in particular the occurrence of hypertension.

Modern medical research proved that: too much salt has increased amylase for starch digestion, promote the role of small intestinal absorption of free glucose, which can cause increased blood glucose concentration and increase the severity. Therefore, diabetes are particularly complicated with hypertension, diabetic nephropathy should strictly limit the amount of salt.

Do not eat hyperglycemia food

The diabetic patient most fears is elevation of blood sugar, therefore, to control diabetes, we must first control the blood sugar. We often see in the food, it is easy to make blood sugar foods are as follows: sugar, icing sugar, brown sugar, glucose, maltose, honey, candied fruit, caramel, chocolate, fruit, canned fruit, soft drinks, jams, ice cream, sweet pastries, cakes and various sweet drinks, oral liquid, juice, etc.

These foods or drinks, and all should try to eat less, if you want to add sugar, it should be no side effects from other ways to supplement.

Do not eat the food that makes blood lipids elevated

Elevated blood lipids with elevated blood sugar and diabetes. Is important cause of a number of other complications of diabetes. Therefore, people with diabetes do not eat food easy to elevated blood lipids.

Common easy to elevated blood lipids food lard, butter, suet, butter, cream, fat, and cholesterol-rich foods. These easy to make foods if you eat too much of the rise in blood lipids leads to obesity, elevated blood lipid, atherosclerosis, also prone to Ketoacidosis; also adds to the burden the kidneys, leading to diabetic nephropathy.

Quit smoking

Smoking is harmful to the human body, harmful effects on diabetic patients even more. This is because in the smoke includes the smoke alkali (also known as nicotine). The harmful effects of nicotine on diabetes patients are as follows :

  • Nicotine can stimulate the secretion of adrenaline, so that the blood sugar of diabetes is directly harmful.
  • A small amount of nicotine have excitatory effects on the central nervous system, but a lot of roles of inhibitory effect of nicotine on nerve and paralysis.
  • The nicotine can make rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure.
  • At first a small amount of nicotine to make sudden increase in coronary blood flow, then gradually reduced, thereby affecting the nutrition of the heart itself.


Generally, on holiday, the friends and relatives gather, can take a small amount of drink a little wine. But if the regular drinking, it will add burden to the already unhealthy liver, resulting in wine in the transformation of toxic substances are not normal, accumulate in the body, undermining the health of diabetic patients.

Excessive amounts of alcohol damage in patients with diabetes mellitus are: prone to Hyperlipidemia and metabolic disorders; component stimulation affect the secretion of the pancreas causing deterioration.

Tips: Simple introduction to diabetes food taboos, and hope that people with diabetes can have a good look, hope that people with diabetes can, in accordance with the above criteria to regulate their diets in order to make your life more comfortable, and more healthy.

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