Foods to get rid of serious dark circles

dark circles

Causes of Dark Circles:

Causes of dark circles is not eating properly, lack of iron; smoking and drinking; depressed, worry about lack of sleep caused by excessive or stay up all night; the endocrine system or the liver illness, pigmentation around eyes; lack of physical exercise and physical work, bad blood circulation; TSE: transmitting deficiency or disease-free patients sex life; congenital.

List of foods to eat for Dark Circles:

1. Sesame:

Sesame UFA role well known, but its efficacy may eliminate dark circles who knows. Sesame is rich in vitamin E, which can ease the formation of dark circles with nourishing the eye and ocular. It makes two things making beautiful black hair and eliminate dark circles, kill two birds with a single stone, it is no wonder that sesame seeds have been regarded as magical “magic food”.

In addition to the Sesame, vitamin e-rich foods also found in peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

2. Carrots:

In addition to vitamin E to nourish the role of eye and eye muscles, like vitamin A also has this effect. Carrot is the choice of increasing the intake of vitamin A, it can maintain epithelial tissue normal functions, improve the dark circles. In addition, carrots contain vitamin A also helps improve eyesight, particularly vision in the dark.

3. Kelp:

As iron constitutes a core component of hemoglobin. Therefore, the added amount of iron can promote an increase in hemoglobin, thereby enhancing its ability to transport oxygen and nutrients, and kelp is rich in iron, often taking kelp can also alleviate dark circles problem. Other contains iron-rich foods include liver, lean meat, and so on.

Other foods contain vitamin A are animal liver, butter, eggs, alfalfa, apricots

4. Eggs:

In the egg contains the high-quality protein, can promote the cell regeneration, therefore the edible egg, increases intaking of protein frequently, to alleviate dark circles formed.

5. Liver:

Rich in iron, and help to increase hematopoietic function. Women’s black eye problem in fact the cause is due to anemia, insufficiency. So that it can help to effectively eliminate dark circles and other symptoms.

6. Green Tea:

Green tea contains concentrated polyphenols, can effectively inhibit free radicals on the skin support fiber damage, drink decaffeinated green tea can not only eliminate dark circles, but also help the body fat metabolism, people are less likely to have a feeling of fatigue.

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