10 Easy way to Control Diabetes

control diabetes

Strict food regimen, regular exercise and insulin injections are the three ways by which you can keep the disease under check.

One should keep in mind the following guidelines regarding each of the above measures to be taken for controlling diabetes.

  1. Liberal intake of oil, butter, eggs and meat results in increase of body weight. Hence very limited quantities of these items should be taken and a strict watch kept on body weight.
  2. Consumption of beer and wine should be completely given up.
  3. Consumption of sugar should be drastically cut. If we start taking more and more sugar when we realize that there is less sugar in the body, liver may stop producing sugar(glucose) altogether. This is very dangerous.
  4. Use of rice in food should be minimal. It is best to give up rice altogether.
  5. The patient should eat only the quantity of food which is essential for maintaining health. This food need not be “balanced” food according to its definition, that is, it need not necessarily contain fats, sugar and starchy items.
  6. It is good to eat only measured quantities of food. The right type of right measure of food should be decided in consultation with doctor. The day’s requirement of food as decided in the above manner should be distributed among 5 meals – 3 light meals and 2 snacks. The purpose of such distribution is to see that the stomach is neither too full nor too empty at any time of the day. This regimen should never be relaxed. If the person is unable to control the craving for food, relatives and friends should take the responsibility of maintaining this discipline.
  7. The body weight should not be allowed either to increase or decrease. It is best to check body weight regularly. If possible, a weighing machine should be kept at home.
  8. It is also not right to void starch altogether. There is no harm in taking 100 to 200 gm. of starchy food per day. A quarter of this quantity of fats can also be taken without adverse effect. One gram of protein per one kg of the body weight should be enough.
  9. The person should keep on working in proportion to the quantity of food that is consumed. If there is no opportunity to do that, exercise is the only alternative. However, neither work nor exercise should be overdone.
  10. Food regimen alone is not enough to control diabetes which is an advanced stage. I such a situation, insulin has to be taken as advised by the doctor. However, the amount of insulin to be taken should be just enough to remove traces of sugar in urine. If the prescribed limit of insulin is exceeded, other complications are bound to arise.

Note : 

An obese person can automatically bring diabetes under control by reducing body weight gradually. This can be Control done successfully by limiting the use of sugar, starch, salt and fats to the barest minimum; consuming liberal quantities of greens, fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of water and butter milk, doing exercises which activate the body, breathing deeply and practicing yoga. Besides reducing body weight, symptoms of diabetes also disappear if the above measures are taken.

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