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Celiac disease

Find gluten-free foods is getting easier, but it is very important advise for us to be clear about which foods contain gluten and which are not.

What are the foods for celiac not allowed?

Celiac are much afraid to take food that produce them allergies, especially their mothers, since many times the problems begin in childhood. That is why it is important to know what can be taken, and which not.

Foods that harm them or food for celiac NOT allowed:

1. Lactose. It also influences the poor absorption of gluten, therefore also it must be controlled.
2.Wheat, spelt and kamut.
3. Rye.
4. Barley.
5. Oats.

What happens if you take them?

Generally, the child or adolescent does not know what is celiac until you are tested but the most common symptoms that can have are:

1. Tiredness.
2. Loss of weight and appetite.
3. Anemia.
4. Rickets in children.
5. Stools and light colored fat.

If the person is not treated, celiac disease can worsen symptoms and reach nerve pains, pains of bones, multiple fractures.

In fact you can even get abdominal cancer in those who are celiac unknowingly. If you have these symptoms go to the doctor to do some tests and advise you on diet or foods for celiac.

Foods permitted for the celiac:

1. Supplements of vitamins and minerals, in addition to diet, to compensate the lower absorption of the nutrients from the food. However, you should find that they are the most natural to the body to absorb.
2. Yogurt, beverages and soy products (soy).
3. Meat, fish and seafood.
4. Eggs.
5. All vegetables and fruits.
6. Legumes.
7. Nuts.
8. Honey, jams, chocolate.
9. Salt, pepper, mustard, vinegar.
10. Rice, corn, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, millet.
11. Coffee, tea and all medicinal plants.

When we talk about the food for celiac allowed, we must always bear in mind that if they are cooked or prepared can take some condiments that if contain gluten. Thus we can find with the ham that some have added gluten, semolina wheat, etc.

Careful with food crossed or trace elements:

Once a person knows is celiac always have to read the composition of foods. An additional problem is that often a company can pack or prepare food with gluten and gluten-free and can be remains or traces of gluten in a product, reading their ingredients, in theory does not contain gluten.

Luckily there are growing companies that specify it. Celiac Associations usually have catalogs indicating that manufacturers do not guarantee the presence of gluten and trace elements in their products. Seek Internet Association nearest to your city and they will advise you on food for coeliacs.

Where can I find the hidden gluten?

Always know that we’re concerned about the food for celiac, we must not forget that the gluten can be in many preparations.

1. All pastries, either white or whole meal flour.
2. Breakfast cereals. You have to look very well if they carry.
3. Soups of pot or prepared.
4. Prepared sauces, ketch-ups and salad dressings.
5. Prepared for pastries.
6. The ice cream (yes, yes).
7. Chocolate candies. The chocolate ONLY, YES you can take.
8. Junk food (sweets).
9. As part of some medications.

If our son is celiac, he might face some kind of problems, such as, it will produce more stress and nervousness, and already know what influence the disease has: diminished defenses, i.e. the person worse disease that has.

Remember that today you can live perfectly. You just learn to recognize food for celiac and be cautious with already prepared foods.

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