Calories in water

calories in water


Ok, so we all know the answer for this. There are absolutely no calories in waterThat’s zero calories. Don’t start wondering if you should move on to look at calories in other foods. 

Take a moment to explore the benefits of water to our health as well as our day-to-day life. The information may actually make you drink those extra glasses of water – something that you may be putting off for later.

To start with, let us appreciate a few facts about the wonder liquid.

Facts about H2O

• In the adult body, nearly seventy percent of the body is made of water.

• For infants, nearly eighty percent of their weight is from water itself.

• For an average person enjoying good health, it is possible to drink almost 3 gallons of water in a day.

• Interestingly, the entire 8 cups daily requirement of water should not be liquid alone. Other foods and drinks also contribute to the water requirement.

• Caffeine containing drinks such as tea, coffee and soft drinks may have water in them but they actually do not contribute all the water. Caffeine is a diuretic that encourages water loss.

• Having water in too high quantities is not good. It brings about a condition called water intoxication, where a water imbalance creates severe health problems.

• Athletes who undergo intense training must keep this fact in mind.

• Water, without any contaminants has a pH that is neutral.

• It is the liquid that can dissolve most substances.

• In our body, water carries around nutrients, minerals and other chemicals essential to optimal functioning.

Water around us

Water surrounds the Earth over a vast area – this comes up to 325 million cubic miles. The percentage of the area on Earth that is covered with water stands around 75%. However, most of the freshwater is present slightly below the surface of the Earth.

One major fact about Earth’s water is its age. Since the system of Earth is a closed one, there is no gain or loss in matter. Consequently, the water that we see now is the very water that was present since the formation of the planet in the beginning of time – Earth time.

The total amount of usable water is about three tenths of the entire volume on earth. Of this, humans use nearly 100 gallons per person every day. Water is importantly, also used for thermoelectric power and irrigation. A little percentage of water is sourced from wells.

Such water that can be put to use is available mostly from fresh water lakes, rivers and underground reserves. Most of the fresh water (over 90%) is present in the continent of Antarctica.

The temperature of the Earth is regulated by water, or at the least, water plays a major role. A water molecule spends a little amount of time in the air around us, a little more as ice and most of the time as part of the ocean.

Water and weight loss

When you feel thirsty, it means that your body has already lost more than one percent in its water composition. When it comes to weight loss, one needs to keep a simple fact in mind. If you are the kind of person who checks their weight immediately after an intense workout, the slightly lesser reading on the weighing scales is from loss of water and not from the loss of fat.

Water has actually proven to help lose weight. Drinking water just before having the regular meals works towards making you lose extra pounds. Pure drinking water helps by accelerating the process of losing weight for those already on a weight loss – low calorie diet.

Research has shown that those people who had more water before meals lost a higher percentage of weight and even prevented the weight from returning even one year later. Those who did not have water before meals also lost weight but not as much as the drinkers. Although, calorie containing beverages like sweet drinks are not helpful in any way.

The secret behind it

Water and stomach

More than a secret, it is simple logic. Water, when had in optimal amounts fills the stomach and prevents too much hunger. So, there is lesser over eating with the additional advantage of the zero calories content in water.

Here, there is more weight loss and less weight gain. Water makes you feel fuller and even improves the metabolism. Check out the article on metabolism present on the site for your convenience. A small tip – drinking cold water makes you burn more calories as the body requires calories to warm it up.

Water and heart

Drinking enough water means that the heart is stressed less to pump blood. Since dehydration makes you tired, drinking water will immediately boost the energy levels. Constant sipping of water throughout the days relieves stress on the brain tissue, as most of it is made up of water.

Water and joints

Water is ideal for creating lubrication for joints. For those who indulge in intense work outs, good hydration will help them stay energized enough to work harder at their muscles. Not just fitness but beauty also improves with water.

Dehydrated skin shows wrinkles and fine lines. Drinking more water helps you look younger because it plumps up the skin cells, making it look healthy. Not to mention, good circulation obviously removes toxins and makes the skin clear.

Good for health

For good health, water is needed as the minerals and salts in the body’s wastes are diluted. They would otherwise form crystals and later painful kidney stones in the absence of water. Every person has their own requirement for water depending on their daily activities.

Those performing intense activities need more water. Similarly, those who have a habit of sweating profusely need more water. A person may actually need lesser water than the daily recommended eight glasses in case she/he is obtaining the water from other beverage or food sources.

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