Properties and health benefits of persimmon


You may wonder why it is useful to know the properties of persimmon. Well, if you have any interest in the natural alternative treatments, these can be effective as home remedies to treat various health problems. So find some of the benefits they bring to health.

The persimmon originated in Asian countries and other European countries, although today its cultivation is widespread in different countries in warm weather. But apart from knowing where it can be found, it is important that you consider what its therapeutic properties.

Health benefits of persimmon

The persimmon are an ideal food for alkalizing the blood and improve metabolism. These possess organic acids such as citric acid and malic acid that alkalinize the blood and urine.

  1. On the other hand, the persimmon have a good concentration of beta-carotene, a pro-vitamin which improves the immune systemthe nerve connections, muscle activity and cellular functioning.
  2. It is also a fruit that you can incorporate into a diet to lose weight, for three reasons. The first one, is that it has few calories, only 46 calories/100 gr. of persimmon. The second is that it possesses pectin as fiber, which helps to reduce appetite. Finally, being an alkaline food improves cell function and therefore the combustion of fats.
  3. The persimmon, especially if it is mature, it is useful as natural remedy against the gastritis, because its components regulate the secretion of gastric juices.
  4. Another of the properties of the persimmon, is associated to its diuretic action, since it contains potassium and organic acids that stimulate the elimination of urine.
  5. Finally, I can say that the persimmon are fruits that can be included in a diet to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, since they contain fiber (pectin) and antioxidants that reduce fat absorption and improve the combustion of fats, avoiding the action of free radicals.


In conclusion, the persimmon has multiple health benefits, especially if you suffer from: low defenses, hypertension or retention of liquids, gastritis, overweight, muscle cramps, nervous disorders and dyslipidemia.

Did you know that persimmon had all these properties? If you wish, you can leave us your comments, or tell us if you know other therapeutic benefits.

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