Health Benefits of Broccoli


The broccoli is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and soluble dietary fiber, has appeared on various lists we have seen over the past few months as an ideal food for weight loss and boost metabolism.

What gives us the broccoli?

Prevent Cancer

Including breast cancer, uterus, prostate, and internal organs such as liver, colon, kidney and intestines. Has significant anti-cancer properties which are enhanced with vitamin A, C and E, amino acids, zinc and potassium.

Detoxify the body

Its antioxidant properties help remove toxins, free radicals and uric acid, purifying the blood and skin.

Improving skin

As an antioxidant , and also has vitamin E, B, A, K and omega-3 fatty acids, this food helps keep the skin more attractive, young, soft and shiny.

Protect the heart

By the above properties and fiber content helps to remove bad cholesterol from the body. This is important to prevent cardiovascular disease and protect the health of the heart. The presence of chromium, a mineral regulates the glucose in the blood, also helps prevent high blood pressure.

Protect your bones

The content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, eating broccoli is excellent to keep bones healthy and strong. That is why both children and older adults and pregnant should consume.

Protect eyes

Its nutrients such as zeaxanthin and beta-carotene, and vitamin A make the broccoli in a protector of eye health. It prevents muscle degeneration, cataracts and damage from UV radiation.

Strengthen the immune system

By the presence of vitamin C, beta-carotene, plus other vitamins and minerals.

Prevent anemia

The broccoli has iron and protein. Therefore, it is a good food to fight anemia.

Prevent constipation

This property is due to its fiber content. Consequently, helps prevent the stomach conditions, such as heartburn, bloating and improve digestion.

Feeding during pregnancy

Broccoli is a very nutritious food and necessary during pregnancy. Being rich in folic acid, protein, calcium, antioxidants, fiber and phosphorus, every expectant mother should consume.

The benefits of eating broccoli are many and varied, as is shown in the above list. It is effective in slimming diets, but also protects certain organs and prevents diseases. A highly recommended food, no doubt.

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