Avocado: A Healthy food


Nature is wise and gives us all that our body needs for its development, maintenance and to have good health and able to cure various diseases.

Among the healthy foods for our body are avocados . A food that is also tasty and can be included in many recipes, including the famous guacamole, delicious Mexican food.

Avocado Health Benefits

Now we will see a few good reasons for you to include this food as rich and beneficial in your diet.

Cancer Prevention

One of the most obvious benefits of avocados and so well known is its ability to prevent prostate cancer . Any thoughts inhibit the growth of such malignant cells in the prostate. So it is very advisable to consume avocado from 45-50 years by men.

On the other hand, we know that the avocado is useful in the prevention of breast cancer as it has a high content of oleic acid such as olive oil.

Improves eye health

The health of our eyes, also benefits for avocado consumption as it contains more beta-carotene than any other fruit you can eat.

Lowers cholesterol

Avocados are a component that have been found very effective to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood . In one study, 45 volunteers reduced their cholesterol by 17% after avocado consume for one week. Surprising results.

Cardiovascular Health

The heart health benefit is seen as avocado contains a large quantity of folic acid , a substance that prevents heart problems , as well as by the presence of vitamin E. This vitamin gives great power to defend our body, protecting host of diseases.

Improves absorption of nutrients

According to some studies , it was established that among the benefits of avocado , we find that this food helps improve the absorption of nutrients we take. These studies indicate that eating avocado sauces or in salads helps absorb more nutrients than the same foods without avocados.

As you can see, the avocado is a healthy food and we need to incorporate into our daily diet , in different shapes and plates, as the benefits of avocado are too many to be wasted.

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