Top 5 Health Benefits of Avocado leaves

Avocado leaves

Uses of avocado plant

The avocado is a fruit with excellent nutritional properties. However, the benefits provided by this plant to the body, are not limited to the fruit. Avocado leaf applications are either in the form of infusion or home remedies and are applied to the natural treatment of many ailments. Learn to know how avocado leaves can contribute to your health.

Health benefit of avocado leaf

Although the properties of avocado, are well known for the high nutritional value of its fruit intake provides to the body, since their leaves are not so widespread, still it has many benefits to our body. Avocado leaf is used in some regions as a condiment, however its uses are not limited to only in the application of cooking.

The avocado leaves has an excellent home remedy to treat a number of ailments and illnesses when it’s infusion is consumed, among those listed are: tiredness and fatigue, headache and neuralgia, menstrual disorders, inflammation of the mouth and gums, upset stomach and respiratory problems such as colds, catarrh, cough, hoarseness. few home remedies that can be prepared with avocado leaves are:

• For intestinal parasites: Taking avocado leaf tea three times a day.

• To increase milk production during lactation: Eat the fresh leaves of avocado.

• For menstrual pain: Boil 6 avocado leaves in a liter of water. Let cool and drink throughout the day.

• To heal injuries of mouth and gums: crush the leaves and apply over the injury.

• For varicose veins:

1. Chop 10 leaves of avocado and 2 bars of camphor.
2. Place all of them in a glass jar with alcohol.
3. Leave for 5 days in a dark place.
4. Apply this mixture and massage on varicose veins.

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