Alkaline Diet Benefits, Foods, and Effects

Alkaline diet

Many people have benefited from the alkaline diet. Which is extremely efficient to regain lost health and it’s hard to know where to start. What is worth mentioning is that this nutritional program is excellent for almost everyone. The clinical experience with many patients has proven to work exceptionally well for a variety of problems.

Of course, it benefits those who are already healthy and wish to remain so and also for those who want to strengthen themselves and feel even better. It is rejuvenating to all who are weakened or feel old before time.

Alkaline Diet Effective for:

But the alkaline diet has a real effect on people with bowel, abdominal, mental and rheumatic ailments without defined causes (the joints and connective tissue diseases) also for those suffering from allergies, arthritis and cardiovascular problems. They have healed more than two thirds of patients with colitis, only with the alkaline diet.

Play a tremendous role for people with inaccurate diagnoses, mild metabolic imbalances, malaise, depression and propensities family genetic diseases that you would like to prevent. Alkaline Diet has immense value as any other tool to help patients suffering from a number of chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

Physical Benefits of Alkaline Diet:

In just three weeks, you can benefit from the carefully prescribed alkaline diet easy to follow in the following ways:

• Improves sexual performance
• Increases mental alertness
• More deep, restorative sleep
• Reduces allergies, which means fewer headaches and sinus problems
• More energy and vitality, with stable blood sugar levels throughout the day
• Reduces susceptibility to infections

The Alkaline diet is an important part in the treatment of chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. It also provides adequate nutrition for all patients with cancer and autoimmune syndromes.


the only exceptions which the alkaline diet should be modified is by patients with allergy to gluten by inheritance, that is celiac disease, and those with fructose intolerance.

The reason why the alkaline diet is so beneficial to so many people is that it provides the fertile ground, so to speak, needed to power the internal environment, preparing for deep healing. First of all, is a diet of regulation. By that I mean, it strengthens your body and balances the formation of degenerative forces in many facets. It has a powerful effect as it detoxifies your body in three weeks.

The Alkaline Diet:

• Detoxifies the body
• Acid excreted from the body
• It develops a proper intestinal flora

Doing this alkaline diet:

• Regulates metabolism
• Supports healing
• Rebuild the immune system
• Restores the health of organs

How does the alkaline diet manages to get both? For one reason, the Alkaline Diet works seeking their toxic load digesting and eliminating it from your body. You have moved the entire life accumulating a wide range of what we call toxic conditions or sources. You should not be surprised that take weeks – if not years – to repair the damage. Of course, some serious problems require future treatment in a centre of biological medicine. But the Alkaline Diet is the best way to start.

1. Metabolism:

The alkaline diet alkaline your body and removes the acid in your blood and internal organs, which has an amazing energizing effect on your metabolism. If you are overweight, you will see the kilos melt away, if it is lacking in nutrients, will be satisfied with your weight gain. After about 10 days, most deeply felt energized.

The composition of the food chosen for detoxification are such that the metabolism activity increases. All hormones – ovaries, thyroid, melatonin, among others, remain unchanged, while the pituitary hormones are stable and, in some cases even increased. Simultaneously, the gall bladder and liver decreases; liquefies bile flow and increases tremendously. For many people with high cholesterol levels return to normal within one to three weeks.

Technically speaking, the cholesterol decreases because it becomes along the way in natural progesterone in women or in testosterone DHEA in men. Therefore, sex hormones often increase notably in this nutritional program in some men with problems like erectile dysfunction.

2. Immune system:

A distinctive feature of the alkaline diet is the range of ingredients used. These are not chosen arbitrarily or by its low calorie or fat, but because these foods effectively eliminate 90 percent of food allergies. Since the diet is followed for several full weeks, your immune system has a chance to completely change, as explained above. Individual results will vary, of course, depending on your particular food intolerance, and we all have them, whether you know it or not.

3. Healing:

At the end of the 3/4 weeks of many troubling symptoms that lived forever with them, suddenly disappear. These include headache, sinus infections, rashes, muscle aches or joint pain, lethargy, inability to concentrate and depression. The healing will accelerate. You will feel stronger and lighter. Can you see yourself calmer than you’ve been in years. Your blood sugar levels remain stable throughout the day. Sleep better, you will go to bed early and wake up fully restored.

4. Health of organs:

The first few weeks are an important step, but if you are obese or, especially, if you are seriously ill, I highly recommend that you repeat the program for six or even nine weeks. This extra time will be hugely beneficial, it gives you a better chance to cure some serious chronic diseases at a cellular level. And given the delicious menus designed for you, you’re sure to find the alkaline diet is more a pleasure than a chore.

To allow the variety, the daily meal plan gives you an attractive option of salads and vegetables. many of the salads can be made in advance and eat them in two or three consecutive. Shredded raw vegetables, lightly steamed and form the basis of the alkaline diet. The first week is completely vegetarian – mostly fresh vegetables with small quantities of fruit and very little grain, with a minimum of gluten.

In the second and third week, include very modest portions of goat’s and sheep’s cheese, vegetables and more whole grains, also natural sweeteners. To make the alkaline diet tasty, include delicious recipes in the menu. They are simple and are adapted to make sure that you get the proper nutrition you need.

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